Monday, July 11, 2011


Here are the pictures I mentioned 2 posts ago (because I know you were anxiously awaiting).

In no particular order:

Chad's brother, Chris, & his wife Sarah (at Grandad's funeral weekend in TX)

Us in TX (there was no AC in the room we had dinner - SO HOT!)

Here are my little lemon chicks I made for Abi's shower

Close up of the little guys ;-)

Waiting for the fireworks to start at Riverparks

Dave, Jo, Haley & Pastor Linda waiting with us...don't worry, PL is alive ;-) 

Obligatory firework shot taken from the good ole' iPhone
Here are a couple of more pics I didn't mention in that post:

This cinnamon roll is literally as big as your head! Chad's breakfast one morning at Dilly Deli - yum!

Of course I have to add a pic of cute little E in her party outfit for a friend's birthday :-)
And one more:

I actually made it to Blue Bell! I LOOOOOOOOVVVEEE ice cream, especially Blue Bell & it just so happens that there is a factory very close to our house. Every year I have heard about this event they put on called 'Taste of Summer' & we met up with the Ziegler clan there. It was $5 to get in & you got to tour the factory & eat as much ice cream & goodies as you could possibly fit in. Kids 6 & under get in for free & they have TONS of events for the kids plus live entertainment. Even though we went in the morning it was still pretty hot so we didn't stay long. I was also disappointed that I couldn't eat much :-)

Our first ice cream stop at Taste of Summer!

The mint chocolate chip (in hand) was the only thing I ate entirely and it was a good first choice! I tried a couple of other things & ended with the oh so yummy sunday cone...perfect! Then we had to go squeeze in to our bathing suits & enjoy our FIRST day at the pool!

Put it on your list for next summer!

Hope you enjoyed the pics!

Love ya,


Grandmother & Grandpa Bennett, if you're reading this, I can't believe I didn't get any pics with you guys! Will you send me the ones you took?? Love you & hope to see you in February!

Friday, July 8, 2011

SafetySuit's New Music Video!

I was going to post some photos that go along with the previous blog, but I'm having some issues :-(
Hopefully I'll remedy that later in another month :-) KIDDING!

Anyway, this post isn't about me, but SAFETYSUIT! The video for their new single 'Get Around This' has finally made its debut this week!

Here's a link to a feature Noisecreep did on them, along with the video: click here

Ok I just tried watching the video again but I keep getting a 'video not available at this time' message. Here's to hoping that doesn't last long & you can watch it too!!

Enjoy! Let me know what you think!


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Such Is Life

I love how on top of this blog thing I am :-) Sometimes life just doesn't slow down and gets busier! Can we talk about the fact that it's already JULY?! How did this happen??? I feel as though Chad & I haven't even had a chance to enjoy summer yet. Must.Fix.ASAP!

Here's a quick update on the past month or so:

2 Funerals:
On June 5th during Sunday lunch we found out that our dear, dear friend, Maurice Carter, passed away. He had been a part of the Ziegler family for many, many years & was, in our hearts & minds, a son and a brother. Chad & I are so grateful we had the honor of having him sing & play piano at our wedding. What an amazing voice! Unfortunately Debbie's (mother-in-law) father wasn't doing so well health-wise so Chad & I made the drive up to Nashville for the funeral. It was seriously the most incredible funeral I've ever been to! I know that is weird to say, but man, what a celebration we had! Even Wynona Judd, whom Maurice sang back-up for & traveled with, lent her voice in tribute.

While in Nashville, in the early morning before Maurice's funeral, we got the call that Chad's grandad had passed away too. He had just celebrated his 94th birthday! A funeral is never an event you want to go to, but it sure does make it a lot easier when you know a person has lived such a long life. The following weekend we made the drive to Paris, TX and had the pleasure of hearing so many wonderful stories about the love grandad & his late wife poured out on their neighbors & town. It was so lovely and so touching.

We're hoping not to attend any more funerals for awhile!

1 baby shower:
YAY!! I had the privilege of helping host a baby shower for my sweet friend, Abi, who is due to give birth to little baby Liam on July 26th! We will see if he is an early, on time, or late baby boy :-) I cannot wait to hold that little one!! I made some pretty cute (if I say so myself) cake pops in the shape of baby chicks...lemon flavor this time. Yum! They were a little fiesty in the travel & heat, but the taste is all that matters right?!

2 guest speakers at church:
Rich Marshall
Doug Addison
Seriously check those 2 out if you want your business/entreprenurial sense heightened (Rich) & your mind blown (Doug). Rich is one of Chad's FAVE's...Chad + business talk = happy boy. So of course Doug is one of my faves :-) Kelsey + supernatural/piercing/tattoo/prophetic/non-Christianese talk = happy girl.

Granparents from Florida came into town for the July 4th Holiday:
We had a super yummy breakfast at Dilly Deli (Chad & I's fave breakfast place to visit)...they also serve yummy lunch too.
We cooked out & stuffed our mouths with deee-licious edibles.
I made my 2nd batch of homemade icecream for the year, and this time went with explanation required ;-)

4th of July Weekend also included:
Minimal sleeping in - boo
Transformers III - yay - it's great if you like the Transformers movies, which we do, and had awesome special effects
Rooftop eating at El Guapo + firework surprise from Driller's stadium - yum & yay
5 minute sprinkle while walking downtown - bliss
Pool time - FINALLY & hallelujah
Keeping our tradition of floating the Illinois River like a group of rednecks on the 3rd of July every year - yay! This also included: Seeing way too many patriotic flag bikinis - yikes, & hearing a lady yell out to a preggo, (please say with redneck accent) 'keep yer belly button outta tha water...that's how yer baby breathes.' - not kidding
Grilling out fish tacos & making guac - probably my favorite meal for summer, & yes I could eat this every I'm hungry :-)
More pool time & grub + nap + downtown fireworks - yay, yay & boo (we've decided we're done with downtown Tulsa fireworks...lame the past 2 years)
Our neighborhood sounding like a war zone for an entire week - awesome (I can sleep through pretty much anything)
Having to wake up on the 5th for work - boo

And there you have it. Life with the Ziegler's (the condensed version (as much as I could)) for the past few weeks/month.

Hope your summer has been spectacular so far!!

Lot's o' love,
K Zig