Monday, July 11, 2011


Here are the pictures I mentioned 2 posts ago (because I know you were anxiously awaiting).

In no particular order:

Chad's brother, Chris, & his wife Sarah (at Grandad's funeral weekend in TX)

Us in TX (there was no AC in the room we had dinner - SO HOT!)

Here are my little lemon chicks I made for Abi's shower

Close up of the little guys ;-)

Waiting for the fireworks to start at Riverparks

Dave, Jo, Haley & Pastor Linda waiting with us...don't worry, PL is alive ;-) 

Obligatory firework shot taken from the good ole' iPhone
Here are a couple of more pics I didn't mention in that post:

This cinnamon roll is literally as big as your head! Chad's breakfast one morning at Dilly Deli - yum!

Of course I have to add a pic of cute little E in her party outfit for a friend's birthday :-)
And one more:

I actually made it to Blue Bell! I LOOOOOOOOVVVEEE ice cream, especially Blue Bell & it just so happens that there is a factory very close to our house. Every year I have heard about this event they put on called 'Taste of Summer' & we met up with the Ziegler clan there. It was $5 to get in & you got to tour the factory & eat as much ice cream & goodies as you could possibly fit in. Kids 6 & under get in for free & they have TONS of events for the kids plus live entertainment. Even though we went in the morning it was still pretty hot so we didn't stay long. I was also disappointed that I couldn't eat much :-)

Our first ice cream stop at Taste of Summer!

The mint chocolate chip (in hand) was the only thing I ate entirely and it was a good first choice! I tried a couple of other things & ended with the oh so yummy sunday cone...perfect! Then we had to go squeeze in to our bathing suits & enjoy our FIRST day at the pool!

Put it on your list for next summer!

Hope you enjoyed the pics!

Love ya,


Grandmother & Grandpa Bennett, if you're reading this, I can't believe I didn't get any pics with you guys! Will you send me the ones you took?? Love you & hope to see you in February!

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