Monday, May 23, 2011


We went to a matinee on Saturday to see the new Pirates movie. It's good, but not the best one so if you were debating whether or not to wait for it to come out on can wait (now keep in mind this is strictly my opinion so don't come crying to me later because you decided to wait for it to come out on DVD and it ended up being your favorite of the won't, but I'm just sayin...)    :-)

Foo Fighters!

Last week my love and I got to see the Foo Fighters perform at the lovely BOK Center. This little last minute surprise made this girl very happy :-)

The FF's have been on my list of band's to see live for quite some time and I'm glad that I finally got to mark them off of my list.

They did not disappoint! Dave Grohl wailed on the guitar & vocals (of course) and Taylor Hawkins was a drum phenom. At one point Dave did a little accoustic set on a separate stage in the middle of the arena that rose up in the air & then segueyed into a guitar battle against his guitarist on a separate stage...sweet!

This is during the acoustic set
We were in a lovely little section to the left of the stage right by the speakers. It was really loud during some points so I reluctantly put in my ear plugs a few times towards the end (you're welcome mom and dad).

Me and the boy

Dave, Jo, me & Chad
They actually chose Tulsa as their kick-off point for the start of this tour promoting their new album (weird, but I'll take it). It was completely sold out. Who knew Oklahoma had so many FF fans?! Motorhead opened for them, but we weren't too gung-ho to see them so took our time enjoying the Mexican fare of Casa Laredo nearby. It's a perfect dinner spot for satisfying any pre-show munchies.
LOVED seeing all the people rockin' out!

Their stage was like a giant TV screen...lit up & showed video footage

On another note, SafetSuit (the band my brother plays drums in) is on a short tour with The Script! They met on the VH1 music cruise and decided that hitting the road together was a must in the near future. So glad it all worked out! Word on the street is the tour is already sold out, but if they happen to be coming near you check into it anyway! It will totally be worth the $ :-) I can't wait until the new SS album is out and they play somewhere near Tulsa (hopefully that will happen soon).


K Zig

Friday, May 6, 2011

CHOCOLATE! I need to give you any more explanation than that? ;-) I'm a big fan of chocolate, especially when it's paired with other things like caramel and coconut and other fun flavors. I REALLY love truffles!! Sometimes I happen to stumble on one or two or four and think to myself that they're too pretty to eat and I just want to sit and look at them...then I blink and pop them in my mouth one by one and become satisfied with the fact that I've made the right choice in the end. HA!

Well anyway, we (Chad & I and Jo & Dave) stumbled upon this GLORIOUS chocolate shop in the Brady District of downtown Tulsa called Glacier Confection. You HAVE to go! I'm not kidding, if you are a lover of chocolate, The Glacier will satifsy your little tastebuds :-)

This is a peanut butter cup. I know the picture is a bit deceiving, but this thing was MASSIVE! Chad & I halfed it and I still couldn't finish all of mine because it was so rich and yummy.

This is my coconut & milk chocolate truffle. Definitely larger in size than the truffles I make, but that coconut flavor is AMAZING!

Obviously I took this photo a little too late ;-) It WAS filled with beautiful, colorful, and D to the LICIOUS multi-flavored chocolates (most of them being Chad's as a matter of fact!).
The top left one is a chocolate filled caramel with sea salt.
I believe the one with yellow speckles was a mango habanero (you know that has Chad's name all over it!) AND he actually thought it had a bit of a kick to it! He NEVER thinks anything is hot enough and this delightful little thing left his lips tingling he said :-)
That beautiful orange colored one belonged to me and was a peach champagne flavor - yummmmmmm!

Those empty spaces were homes to: another, but different caramel, banana caramel (see, we LOVE caramel), key lime, a special chocolate made in Hawaii, another one with some kind of pepper (yes, it was Chad's) & then I can't remember!

They were AMAZING! Seriously it was like I was actually eating a banana dipped in chocolate & caramel. The flavors were so on point and the insides were so creamy that I could have eaten one of everything in the store & not even felt bad about it! Hahaha!

I cannot wait to go back and try more flavors. It will take me awhile, but I'm determined to try one of everything ;-) Oh, and the store owner is super nice (originally from the northeast) and has a vast amount of knowledge for all of you chocolate connoisseurs out there.

Here's a pic of the front of the box with logo & website info:

Happy eating!