Friday, May 6, 2011

CHOCOLATE! I need to give you any more explanation than that? ;-) I'm a big fan of chocolate, especially when it's paired with other things like caramel and coconut and other fun flavors. I REALLY love truffles!! Sometimes I happen to stumble on one or two or four and think to myself that they're too pretty to eat and I just want to sit and look at them...then I blink and pop them in my mouth one by one and become satisfied with the fact that I've made the right choice in the end. HA!

Well anyway, we (Chad & I and Jo & Dave) stumbled upon this GLORIOUS chocolate shop in the Brady District of downtown Tulsa called Glacier Confection. You HAVE to go! I'm not kidding, if you are a lover of chocolate, The Glacier will satifsy your little tastebuds :-)

This is a peanut butter cup. I know the picture is a bit deceiving, but this thing was MASSIVE! Chad & I halfed it and I still couldn't finish all of mine because it was so rich and yummy.

This is my coconut & milk chocolate truffle. Definitely larger in size than the truffles I make, but that coconut flavor is AMAZING!

Obviously I took this photo a little too late ;-) It WAS filled with beautiful, colorful, and D to the LICIOUS multi-flavored chocolates (most of them being Chad's as a matter of fact!).
The top left one is a chocolate filled caramel with sea salt.
I believe the one with yellow speckles was a mango habanero (you know that has Chad's name all over it!) AND he actually thought it had a bit of a kick to it! He NEVER thinks anything is hot enough and this delightful little thing left his lips tingling he said :-)
That beautiful orange colored one belonged to me and was a peach champagne flavor - yummmmmmm!

Those empty spaces were homes to: another, but different caramel, banana caramel (see, we LOVE caramel), key lime, a special chocolate made in Hawaii, another one with some kind of pepper (yes, it was Chad's) & then I can't remember!

They were AMAZING! Seriously it was like I was actually eating a banana dipped in chocolate & caramel. The flavors were so on point and the insides were so creamy that I could have eaten one of everything in the store & not even felt bad about it! Hahaha!

I cannot wait to go back and try more flavors. It will take me awhile, but I'm determined to try one of everything ;-) Oh, and the store owner is super nice (originally from the northeast) and has a vast amount of knowledge for all of you chocolate connoisseurs out there.

Here's a pic of the front of the box with logo & website info:

Happy eating!


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