Friday, October 7, 2011

3 Months In Review

It's been almost 3 months since my last post. I'm such a slacker. :-) Here are some things that have been going on in the Ziegler's lives:

Translation: New Kids On The Block/Back Street Boys concert
Yes, it's true. There was more hip thrusting than I'd care to remember, especially from 40+ year old men, but I have to say they've all still got it and can bust out the dance moves and dramatic love songs like nobody's biz.

Waiting for the show to start
Jo & I

Can you feel the excitement??

Chris & Haley (and baby that Chris is happily pointing out), Dave & Jo, & Me & Chad

All of the NKOTBSB

It was a packed out show

Our friends Abi & Zion had their baby boy, William 'Liam' Justice!
The amazing doula, Bernadette, baby Liam, & me

Scrumptious little Liam and me

We took a little weekend trip down to Dallas with the Ziegler clan and stayed at the amazing Four Seasons. It was hot, hot, HOT, but definitely enjoyed a lot of relaxing pool time and yummy food (of course)!

Rangers Game

Mustang statues


Always being silly

He tried really hard to hold him back

Mom & Dad Ziegler

Us & the steer...not sure what the deal is with all of the metal animal statues

Chris & Sarah
One Saturday I had a lovely girls night and we went out for some mexican food and the Katy Perry concert! It was a GREAT show and I would definitely see her again. Unfortunately we forgot to take a group shot :-( The show was completely sold out = over 12,000 people! We had box seats again for this concert and the laser light show was so fun!! Here's a pic:

Chris & Sarah took a trip to hike the Grand Canyon (10 hours in & 9 hours out...CrAzY!) and Sarah's birthday was going to be while they were away, so we had a little 'surprise' birthday party for her at mom & dad Ziegler's before they left.

It's definitely been a month of concerts, because Chad & I also had the opportunity to see Heart & Def Leppard! Yes, it was amazing :-) Heart was my fave (Nancy Wilson has such an incredible voice and Ann wailed on the guitar) and Def Leppard was by far Chad's favorite. He is a HUGE DL fan and had the look of a kid on Christmas the whole time.

Chad & I

Jo & I
 I have a video of Def Leppard performing the Pour Some Sugar On Me song, but it's not uploading :-( So you'll just have to take my word for it that the whole place was going crazy!

For National Museum Day I had the pleasure of taking Chad to the Philbrook Museum for the first time. I know...he's lived here for how many years and has never been??? We really enjoyed it, and the grounds were GORGEOUS! However, this was the only pic I took! HA!

We, of course, saw this little girl too :-)
Attempting to feed the fish... 
Deciding she'd rather eat the bread and swing instead :-)
And yes, it's VERY cute when she says, 'Kelshee'

Chad & I have FINALLY started running again. The weather has been so nice lately. Hopefully this means my pants will start fitting a little better (awkward) and SOON. Thanks to the ridiculously HOT summer there was a lot more sitting around in the air conditioning inside than activity outside, and that, my friends, did not bode well for my wardrobe :-/  

Tomorrow we're planning on going to the pumpkin patch...cannot wait! I LOOOOOVVVEEE Fall!!


One LAST pic...this was from Tulsa's Fashion Night Out and this was taken at Little Black Dress on Brookside:

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