Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pumpkin Patch & A Birthday

Saturday morning Chris, Sarah, Chad and I loaded up and headed out to Livesay Orchard in Porter, Oklahoma. I had bought a handy dandy Groupon and was itching to use it! What's not to love about a pumpkin patch?! I really should've thought it out a little more though because they don't really create pumpkin patch experiences for adults. It's ALL about the kids. We should've 'borrowed' some for the day just so I could go do all of the 'fun' stuff. Oh well. SO, if you have kids, this place was great! We took a couple of pics, grabbed some pumpkins and a few of the ugliest gourds and things we could find and headed back in to Tulsa for a quick bite of lunch at The White Owl.
Who can resist photo ops like this???

Us in the peach orchard

Later that evening we went to Mahogany to celebrate Chris's birthday a day early. So yummy! Fun fact: I did a short stint there as a hostess during college.

After dinner we ate a DELICIOUS dessert made by the lovely Sarah. Homemade banana cake with cream cheese filling and caramel icing. It was almost like banana bread, but taken to a whole other level! (I love banana bread). Here's Chris blowing out the candles.

As you can see, Mama Z is deciding on paint colors for the kitchen :-)


Here are some pics of our ugly interesting gourds and things.

What is that thing on top? (Chad picked it out of course) I love all of the interesting colors and who can resist a mini pumpkin?! It's pretty much true that anything that comes in a smaller version is cute. 

Happy Fall!


I'm getting my hair done tonight...bring on the 'fall' hair! (For the dudes and non-girly girls, that means going darker) :-) Cannot wait!!

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  1. LOVE the uglies you chose. I need some for my house and have to take care of that this weekend!