Friday, April 8, 2011

A New Development in the KZig Department

I haven't done a whole lot of posting this week (as I'm sure some of you noticed) because it has been a bit crazy around here. And by around here I'm mostly referring to my work/job life.

On Tuesday afternoon I had a meeting with two of the partners at the law firm where I work. I know...sounds serious doesn't it? Well, I was greatly relieved to learn I wasn't getting a 'pointy finger talk' (that's what we call a 'you'd-better-listen-here-and-straighten-up' talk from my Grandma Judith). Hi Grandma :-)

Apparently I'm doing an amazing job as the receptionist, but I'm not being used to my full potential. See, right here is where I can respond with a really great smart aleck comment, but I'll show restraint ;-) It was actually really nice to be complimented on work performance and to know that someone has taken notice and the time to say hey we think you're doing a great job!

LISTEN UP PEOPLE: Taking a few seconds or even a few minutes to tell someone around you that they're doing a great job really goes a long way. So if you haven't done that in a while just try it out and see if a bad attitude or work performance shifts a little in your favor. Sometimes it's easy to forget that people still have a need to feel accepted even if you've worked our lived around them for years. People want to feel worthy and they want to feel noticed. 

Um...not sure where all of that came from so I'm gonna go ahead and step down from my little soapbox now :-)

Anyway, you're now currently reading the ramblings of the new Client Relations and Marketing Director of RRBK Law Firm :-)

It will be SO GREAT to not have to mumble 'receptionist' when someone asks me what I do. 

DISCLAIMER: There's nothing wrong with being a receptionist. I should know. I've been one for a LONG time. I have nothing against other receptionists and any resemblance of my life to yours is simply coincidental. No receptionists were harmed during the writing of this blog. :-)

Yes, I have a college degree.
No it's not being used and no it probably won't be and yes if I could go back and do it all again I would potentially reconsider changing my major.
Thank you.

I wish I could say that it came with a big fat pay raise...



Anybody there?


BUT I will say that I am thankful for the opportunity and the challenge and the ability to incorporate some of my creativity and just for a job in general and I do hope that a bigger pay raise is in my near future. Mama needs a new professional wardrobe. :-)


Kelsey Zig, CRMD of RRBK

I'm going to have my own business cards! I'm sooooooooooo official now ;-)

Love ya!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!! This is so deserved and I am so proud of you. Big things are coming my friend!