Friday, April 29, 2011


Ok so I was being a bit generous in giving myself a rating of a D- instead of a big fat F for totally slacking on the blog front! I'm BUSY people!! :-) I spend lots and lots of time updating our business and attorney social media sites instead of my own, therefore, when I go home, I avoid my computer like the plague.

I can't believe it's been 10 days, T-E-N DAYS! Since my last post. I'm so sorry :-( I know you've been crying buckets and buckets of tears. Will you ever forgive me? How can I make it up to you?

I hope you took my advice from my last post and downloaded 'Get Around This' by SafetySuit. They are getting TONS of great buzz about the newest single and I'm excited it's hit the airwaves. I'm trying not to be too jealous, but SS is currently on the VH1 music cruise jammin' with some great musicians. I REALLY need a tan, or even a sunburn, I would LOVE a sunburn right now. Sunburn = tan = happy Kelsey.

Chad and I were running yesterday after work and I was REALLY hoping to get some sun in the 40 minutes we were outside. Apparently that's not long enough for a sunburn, but when I squint my eyes at just the right angle I can ALMOST make out a tan line from my running tank. I even might have maybe held out my arms while running while uttering the words, 'Dear Jesus, please just give me a sunburn, thank you.'

Last Friday we went to our family circle group and celebrated Easter by having a seder meal. It was really cool (even though I didn't partake in any food - I was not feeling well AT ALL). I was however in charge of dessert and I made these little lovelies:

Chocolate cupcakes with homemade frosting that almost turns out to be kind of like the cream filling stuff (it's sooooo yummy) and then dipped in chocolate.

I meant to take pics of the whole process, but like I said, I wasn't feeling so good and the best I could do was a pic of the finished product sitting on my lap while we were driving to the Spencers :-)

For Easter lunch we met my family and Chad's parents at Macaroni Grill.

I snapped this pic of Everleigh not long after they arrived. She was NOT HAPPY! It was definitely past her normal napping time and she was finally calmed down after being given her milk. I'm not really sure why she thinks laying all the way back in her high chair was comfortable, but she stopped crying so I wasn't going to suggest to her otherwise :-)

E was wearing a lot of tulle, but it was pretty cute!

Grandma helps make everything better:

look, it's a 'small bow'! :-) She is such a cutie!!

Here's a pic that Afton's friend took of E in her Easter dress:

And she is actually one kid who LOVES the Easter Bunny!!

Might as well show you this one of my FAVES!!

No she doesn't actually take baths with a bow in her hair, it just hadn't been taken off yet :-) How SWEET is that little face???!!

Hope you still love me even when I'm a slacker :-)



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