Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Big Foot is Real

Now I know the term 'Big Foot' evicts pictures of big hairy creatures living in the woods or the movie Harry & The Hendersons (!!), but if you're a redneck you might think of the first famous BIG FOOT MONSTER TRUCK (And the crowd goes WILD!) :-) Being as I live in Oklahoma we're going to go with option 2.

Apparently it's a big deal (at least to some folks) and we stumbled upon the Big Foot himself/herself/itself? on Saturday as we made a trip to Lowe's for weed killer and fertilizer. Yes I lead a very exciting life on some Saturday's.

There was a new tire/service shop grand opening across from Lowe's and as a big event/draw for their grand opening they had Big Foot there to entertain. That.thing.is.HUGE.and.LOUD.

We watched as it travelled back and forth across the dirt and over cars smashing them to smithereens. It was quite impressive if you're in to that sort of thing. 

And yes of course I took pictures to share with you ;-)

It's pretty amazing as you can see ;-)
That lady was definitely impressed


Nothing gets past Big Foot

Chad was in awe, but seeing as how I drove a tractor with bigger tires than that...

Chad is serious about Big Foot

Oh Broken Arrow...you never cease to amaze us with your weekend entertainment. Thank you.


Kelsey 'I've seen Big Foot' Ziegler

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