Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Park Time = Play Time

Chad, Inca, and I met Afton and little Everleigh at the park for about an hour late Sunday afternoon. The weather was GORGEOUS!

Here are a few pics of us having fun with E. She's WALKING now!

We started with the swings and Inca already had her tongue out
Then it was on to the rocking horse thing

She LOVED the slides
Happy girl

Afton and E

Paparazzi break

About to go down the slide with Uncle Chad

She was more interested in Inca than a photo op

Oddly enough, slides are insane static carriers, but E didn't seem to mind her new do

HAHAHAHA I can't get over Inca's face! She's thinking, 'I'm tired, I'm hot, and I'm tired of kids chasing me and touching me. PLEASE take me home.'

Oh how I love this abnormally long tongued little doggie

And thus ends our glorious hour at the park :-)


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