Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's A Beautiful Day

You totally thought I was going to use purple ink didn't you? It's the little things in life that add a bit of spice ;-)

So it's a GORGEOUS day outside! My iphone app says it's currently 68 and sunny and I'm missing it all by being inside the office. Yes, I'm working (I could hear you making snide remarks of blogging while on the thought I couldn't hear didn't ya?), but I'm taking advantage of my current moment of quiet to give you an update :-)

The phone is currently silent and my printer has stopped printing off the 60+ emails I just sent through and I'm daydreaming of riding my beautiful yellow Schwinn Breeze bicycle and soaking up some rays.

Praying this weather lasts through the weekend so I can really live out my daydream!

And there's the phone...

Enjoy the BEAUTIFUL day if you can!!

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