Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Water for Elephants

Ok I know I just posted a trailer about the new Pirates movie, BUT I just really had to share this one with you too that I'm sooooooooooo EXCITED about!!!

I actually just finished reading the book, which probably isn't a good thing. Movies are never as good as the book so I should've just waited until after the movie because I'll sit through the whole thing saying, 'that's not what happened' and 'he wasn't carrying a gun, he was carrying a knife' and 'she was wearing pink sequins, not white' and 'that's not even in the book' and so on. It's quite frustrating actually, but nevertheless, I have high hopes despite my continuity memorizing brain :-)

In theatres (yes I like to spell theatre with an re and not an er) APRIL 22nd!

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