Monday, February 28, 2011

The Oscars

Well the Oscar's were a bit anti-climatic this year in my opinion. I didn't catch all of it, which is fine with me, but I did get to see my favorite part...the dresses, the shoes, the jewelry and accessories and the hair ;-) I'm a girl, what did you expect?!

I was pleased that Colin Firth won the oscar for best actor. He did an incredible job of mastering that uncomfortable and awkward (at times) stutter in The King's Speech. Wasn't it almost painful to watch at times? I wanted to say the words for him. I can't imagine what it must have been like to grow up with something like that; and in the public eye no less.

I haven't seen The Fighter yet and so cannot comment on the best supporting actor/actress winners, and I have not and probably will not watch Black Swan (sounded too dark for me) so there you go!

Chad boy was rooting for The Social Network for every category it was in, but also enjoyed the King's Speech so wasn't too disappointed I guess. Not that boys really get disappointed or really care about those types of things anyway!

We were both pleased that The Social Network and Deception both took home some musical/sound editing awards. We think the music/sound in both was great and thankfully the Academy obliged ;-)

On to the best part...the DRESSES!

Here are my pics/picks for faves:

Don't you just LOVE Helen Miren? I think she always looks classy. Now this isn't my fave pick of the evening, but I had to give her props for looking so great in her 60's. She wore Vivienne Westwood Couture.

I'm in LOVE with this color of purple! Big shocker huh since the color of 'ink' I just to type in is pretty much the exact same shade ;-) Props to Natalie Portman for making pregnancy look beautiful with the help of Rodarte.

I'm not one for a full sequined/crystalled dress, but I thought this gown fit her perfectly and the color is gorgeous against her skin-tone. I'm also not a fan of the necklace, but that amazingly perfect hair wave she's got going just about makes up for it :-) She is wearing L'Wren Scott (FYI: Nicole Kidman should have stuck with L'Wren Scott this year instead of choosing the gown she did)

I love Sandra Bullock. I know some people aren't fans, but I am and you can't change my mind! I thought she looked stunning in this amazing red Vera Wang gown! The hair could have used a little extra help, but she's still gorgeous to me :-)

Some love it and some hate it and I'm intrigued by it! The first time I saw Cate Blanchett in this gown I was like what is that, that's different. And then the more and more I saw it I was more and more intrigued and I've decided that I like LOVE this Givency Couture gown she's chosen. It's fun and quirky and she owned it.

This Elie Saab Haute Couture lavendar chiffon and lace gown was one of my top 2 favorites! I wish I had a more close-up picture to show you the detailing, so if you missed it, just trust me, it was GORGEOUS! Mila were stunning!

And finally...

My FAVORITE gown of the evening...

Goes to...

HALLE BERRY!! I am in LOVE with this Marchesa corset gown! The organza...the silk tulle ruffles...the crystal encrusted all works perfectly together to create this exquisite masterpiece! Plus you can see those diamond drop earrings from here! You know I probably wouldn't even like it that much if someone else had worn it. I think this gown was made for Halle. Now if I only looked like her in that gown ;-)


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  1. Can I just say that I LOVE that we both did oscar posts today and that our fashion opinions were so similar???? I feel oddly affirmed lol! Yeah girl - boring show but love the dresses! Was James Franco high????