Friday, February 11, 2011

The Answer is YES!

I know you've all been awaiting with bated breath, and here it is, the answer is YES!!!!!

Yes we have enjoyed our movie pallet every single night this week, which takes tv/movie watching to a whole new level of comfort, but unfortunately we have to stow it away for company this weekend. I'm having a little dinner party Saturday (!!), but you'd better believe it will be out again in all its glory by Sunday afternoon - just in time for naps...

And yes I am LOVING my new MAC Wonder Woman make-up!! My husband took me (no I still cannot drive my car out of the neighborhood...I wonder if I'll remember how to drive by the time it all melts away?) to pick up my lovelies, and of course as soon as we got in the truck I opened them all immediately to play :-)

This morning I used the Valient eye shadow pallet and the Army of Amazons (don't they come up with the best names?) green mascara and threw on my cape as I flew out the door to save the world of law from utter demise.

Ok, ok so my cape is really just a red and black striped sweater cardigan, BUT it is long and has a hood so feels very cape-like, and by saving the world of law from utter demise I really mean sorting through the ridiculous amount of phone calls we get to save the rest of the office from phone ringing insanity. 

(sigh)...a girl can dream can't she?

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