Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's The Great Blizzard Charlie Brown!

What better time to start a blog then when you're snowed in?! There's no excuse for lack of time or lack of things to write about although it must be said that I've procrastinated for 2 days already. This can't be good for the future of said blog. I guess we'll just see where this little journey takes us won't we? :-)

I cannot believe how much snow has fallen, and I have to say I'm so glad my husband braved the insanity of Wal-Mart on Monday so that we have everything we need to stay safe and snug in our home :-) I. am. in. heaven! Yes, it's true. I might be the only one thankful for the massive amounts of snow and I'm okay with that. I'm pretty sure it was an early birthday present from Jesus to me. Did you know I was born during a blizzard? It's true. 

Chad and I are definitely enjoying our days off from work and just getting to be together to relax and get things done around the house. I've been helping him install surround sound (an amazing birthday present from his parents)...and...ok so now that I think of it, I haven't been that productive around the house besides getting laundry done Monday night in case of a power outage. I'm mostly watching him work while I get caught up on my reading. I finally finished a book my grandma sent me about the discovery of penicillin. It's fiction, but still entertaining even though it's a little slow for me. (I'm more the mystery/suspense/thriller type), and it has been taking me FOREVER to finish so it feels good to get that out of the way. I just can't not finish a book. Which really stinks when the book is terrible, but I kept thinking to myself it MIGHT just get better.

I also had a chance to start and finish a book that one of my co-workers just published. It's about her late husband, and she wrote it for the sake of her grandchildren so that they would learn about the grandpa they would never get a chance to meet. How awesome is that?! Not that he died, but that she has passed on his legacy through the written word. I love that.

Here's a few pics (of course) of some of the snow around my abode (above is taken from our front door)

That's Chad making the trek out to the mailbox because he insisted that the mailmen come no matter what...'they have snow tires.' Yes, the flag is still up on our mailbox today waiting for pick-up.

That used to be our street.

Being snowed in isn't complete without a fire for roasting marshmellows for s'mores...yum!

We might have to repeat that s'mores thing tonight ;-)

Stay warm and snuggly wherever you are and let's hope we can dig ourselves out of here by my bday in 4 days!

Lots of love,


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