Friday, February 25, 2011

Cique Du Soleil Allegria = AMAZING!

Seriously, if you get the chance to see this show, DO IT! It was so fun! We got an incredible deal on tickets thanks to friends of friends and were actually seated in the 2nd (Yes, SECOND) row on the floor!

Confetti was thrown on us a couple of times (which is fun to me, but maybe not everyone) and guess what...

We were a part of the show!

Yes. It's true. Don't be jealous.

Chad was hoping he would get the opportunity, and he wasn't disappointed. I was just hoping I WOULDN'T get picked :-)

At the beginning of the show the ringmaster walked over to where we were sitting and handed me his little scepter and pulled Chad out of his seat and started dancing with him. It's true, I have the pictures to prove it (you'll see later) and then they whisked him away and I never saw him again.

Just kidding.

They (the weird/scary/freaky looking clowns - you'll see those later too) did take Chad back somewhere and then the ringmaster came and sat next to me as I reluctantly relinquished my role as the scepter holder. And then he left and Chad came back and we lived happily ever after. The end :-)


Anyway, it was super entertaining and people were flying around and twisting and twirling and leaping and dancing and singing and shouting and playing and flipping and stretching and swinging all over the place. I kind of, sort of, maybe, perhaps, just a little bit wished I were in the Cirque, but you have to be limber...very limber...very, very limber...very, very, very (you get the idea), and that I am not. I just wanted one day, an afternoon even, to jump around on their crazy trampolines and swing on the bars and stuff. They weren't selling tickets for that though.

Unfortunately flash photography and video taping were prohibited, but I got a couple of shots with my iphone and Dave took a couple with his (he's got the newest one with a built in flash and that thing really comes in handy). You can definitely tell the difference between mine and his photos :-)

before the show (my camera)

front of part of the stage (my camera)

There's one of the freaky clowns (mine again)

See...they're creepy! (and again)
P.S. Ladies PLEASE wear a strapless or racerback bra when necessary! We don't need or want to see yo' stuff hanging out all over the place :-)

Ole' Chad getting his dance on (still mine - sorry for the blur, they must have been really moving)

We are cheeseballers (Dave's camera - so much brighter!)

Intermission = photo op in front of the stage. (Dave's again)

So glad I got to mark this one off my list!


It's FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!! I like to start my Friday off by taking a little detour on the way to work at Jamba Juice. One word...YUM. 

Do you do anything special to start off your weekend? 

Lot's o' love,

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