Thursday, February 3, 2011

Shoveling Snow = Next Greatest Weight Loss Craze

So we finally decided to stop being sloths and ventured outside to shovel our driveway. One word...ugh. It took us 3 hours of non-stop tag teaming to get that sucker conquered, but we finally did it and I have to say our driveway might be the best looking freshly shoveled drive in the neighborhood. My sore back proves it. I was breathing like I'd just finished a 10k. Shoveling snow is no joke people.

Here are a couple of pics of our progress and hard work. 

Chad in his Eskimo parka making the first row down the drive.

Showing Chad how it's done.

Making progress...

We loved shoveling snow so much that we decided to go ahead and make a path to our front door for our UPS man. You can't see that path here because this is before we started it, but the snow was up to my waist!

I'm afraid we may not see our front yard until May.

Posting while waiting for chocolate to cool is a good way to pass the time :-) I'm making cupcake pops...possibly more on that next time.


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  1. Friend! Love the blog! So proud of you and I like that we started at the same time. And I wish that I had had s'mores with you.