Thursday, February 10, 2011

Brrrrr Rabbit!

We woke up this morning to a bone chilling -14 degree's (yes that's a negative sign in front of that number) - now that is COLD!

Chad had to do some solo snow shoveling this morning so he could drive me to work. I definitely enjoyed another snow day at home and the fresh snow covered all of the ugliness from what the blizzard had left (dirt, slush, etc.)

The drive into work this morning was a bit stressful. Still lots of ice patches out in BA so we did some sliding of our own and passed quite a few cars in the ditch. Thankfully we finally made it in safe and sound! Chad is most definitely a good and cautious driver and always gets us where we need to go so that we always arrive in one piece ;-)

Yesterday we FINALLY finished installing the last of the speakers for surround sound. Installing the system yourself definitely saves you some money, but that whole drilling holes and pulling chord through walls and traipsing around the attic is for the birds in my opinion, but MAN DOES IT SOUND AWESOME!!

To enjoy our surround sound and snow day to the max we finally got smart and moved the coffee table out of the way to make a lovely movie watching pallet. That's right, we are 20 and 30 something and we made a pallet on the ground to watch movies.  (I don't think I'll ever get too old to enjoy that!)

Here's a little peek before I maybe added 2-4 more pillows for good measure ;-)

The photo quality isn't that great, but you get the idea. To make a good movie watching pallet I recommend using the following layers: sleeping bag, big furry blanket, quilt, multiple pillows, and then another quilt for keeping warm...I might just have to make another one tonight; couches and chairs are for sissy's. That's right, I just called you out. You know you want to make one now!

Apparently we have officially broken every snow record in the history of Tulsa in the past week so if you get to stay home where it's warm and cozy be thankful, and if you have to venture out, stay safe!


Don't forget about all of our fine feathered friends out there looking for food...they need a little TLC too.

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