Monday, February 7, 2011

Men, Boys, and Even Perhaps Some Women, Were Jealous All Across the Land

It's true. My birthday was yesterday...on the SUPER BOWL!!! I have to say I didn't really care which team won or lost, but it was still a good game. I might or might not have finished reading a book during some of it. It would have been a lot better had our team, the DALLAS COWBOYS, been in it, but maybe next year. Yes, I know, they had a bit of a rough year you could say, but don't hate!

I sure thought something was weird with the National Anthem (besides Christina's lack of time and the 937 trills that made me forget which song she was singing (you know it's true)), but I couldn't quite figure it out, and then I read that she really did mess up the words! Christina Aguilera said, 'I got caught up in the moment and lost my place'  (Yikes)
I was a bit disappointed in the commercials this year. I think they're slacking off. $3 million dollars for 30'd think they'd come up with some better ones for that kind of money. My favorite was probably the Darth Vader one. SO CUTE!! What was yours?
I can't believe this is the last year of my 20's!! That doesn't seem right at all, but my birth certificate says so, so it must be true (sigh). I hear it only gets better from here so all I can say is bring it on! 
My mom made me a homemade chocolate cake, and I'm telling you it is the BEST chocolate cake you will ever eat (if you ever get to try it). I'm not sure what she puts in there, but wow. Thanks mom! Good thing I own stretchy pants to wear this week!
Thank you to all of my amazing family and friends that made me feel so loved and special with their sweet words of Happy Birthday and blessings to me! I'm definitely feeling the love ;-) I think 29 is going to be a FANTASTIC year and I can't wait to share it with you!

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