Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Forgot

So in my rush to spew out a blog yesterday in 5 minutes I left out a few little things I wanted to share which includes a couple of shout-outs to some of my homies! 

First of all did anyone guess what show 'don't fret my pet' is from? It wasn't a hard one so I'm sure right away you had memories of coke bottle glasses and suspenders, white socks and high was Steve Urkle from Family Matters! He was always saying that to his love, Laura. 

I know you're so glad I took the time to clear that up.

My first shout-out goes to my girl Abi who not only sent me a special Valentine card in the mail, but sent me a special HOMEMADE Valentine! You just never know what a snow day at home will bring out of a person ;-)

Second shout-out is for my sister-in-law, Chelsea, who also sent me a V-Day card (man I'm really loved), but made it extra special by including a gift. The gift of self. That's right, she sent me a picture of her face, but not just any picture, it was a school day picture and of course it immediately went on the fridge for all the world to see. I don't think I ever took a school picture that looked that good! I'm thinking about drawing on a mustache to make myself feel better about it.

Third shout-out goes to my long-time friend DAVE BURRIS!!! Can't wait to celebrate your birthday tonight! (His b-day was yesterday so if you know him and didn't tell him Happy Birthday, it's not too late)

I know you're really hoping for some pictures and I have to say these aren't the greatest, but it'll give you a little something to look at and distract you if you have ADD ;-)

I made more cupcake pops for our Women's Conference (If you were there and didn't get one, I'm SORRY!!)

I did strawberry cake this time and it was pretty delish if I do say so myself...

I also decided to go for a couple of different colors and different sprinkles for variety this go round.

P.S. Can you see our little faces in the background? That's from a show we did in Vegas last year for Etched.

Here are some of the pretty flowers we had at our V-Day dinner party. Please note that Chad arranged these. That boy sure is handy :-)

These STILL look fabulous!

Star gazer lilies are my favorite, but they can really make your house smell like a funeral parlor (that is if you've been to many funeral parlors)

LOVE this vintage green vase my Grandma J gave to me! (Green is definitely a fave color of mine)

Last shout-out goes to Abi again who found out last Friday that she will be having a precious baby BOY!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to meet that little cutie!

Ta-ta for now...


Has anyone else had a strange invasion of roly poly's at their house? I think I've flushed at least 25 in the past couple of days...weird.


  1. Man I feel loved! TWO shout outs in one post. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! You should seriously consider the baking business my friend you have great taste and your delicacies just look so beautiful.

  2. Awww thanks friend! Maybe I will make some special ones for somebody's future baby shower;-)