Tuesday, February 8, 2011


The following is not a paid advertisement: :-)

Yes I love my mac computer, but this time I'm talking about the make-up.

MAC is...

wait for it...

coming out with their WONDER WOMAN Collection!!!!!!!!!!!! (And all the heavens rejoiced)

I am sooooo excited! 

There's fun colored mascara's (green is shown here, but they also have purple, blue & black)...

Pigmants - how amazing and bright is that color?!


Lipglosses...you can't really tell here, but they are actually SUPER size and bigger than their regular containers...

And of course you can't be Wonder Woman without gettin' your nails did (word)

And come on, how fun are all of the cases?! Make-up doesn't get much more fun than this my friends :-)

Of course there are also brushes and make-up bags and blushes and powders and eye shadow pallets and so many other colors and things (even a mirror compact) I can't even begin to show them all to you!


You'd better believe my sweet-as-pie husband was at MAC today putting some of these AWESOME goodies on hold for me (thank you Jo & Dave for my MAC bday gift card!!). The product isn't officially available for purchase in store's until Thursday (I think), but they will let you pay now (!!) and pick up later. Unbelievable enough, most everything is already sold out online!

Perfect gifts for your girlfriend or wife for V-Day boys (hint-hint)! ;-)

I so cannot wait to try mine out!